Silkeborg Uldspinderi

Plain Beat Throw

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Plain Beat is woven from 100% worsted wool. All throws are made from colours which gives a living experience while admiring the pattern. Each throw is made from 100% Wool.

The Plain Beat throws are jacquard woven and made with the vision of a nice and soft result. Plain Beats many choices of colour combinations makes it possible to create a personal look in the living room or anywhere else the throw is put.

The design is made with a twist, which is rarely seen.
Plain Beat is the beautiful result of another design collaboration with designer Tina Ratzer, who also is the mind behind Twist a Twill.

Quote by Tina Ratzer: The throw is intimacy in a cubic structure in its essence. The tactility, warmth, serenity and cosiness inherent makes it an essential part of any home, big or small, young or old.


Dark Greens