Omaggio Nuovo Vase H20.5

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The Omaggio Nuovo series from Kähler is both a renewal and tribute to the well-known Omaggio vases, whose stripes comes in several different colors. Omaggio Nuovo has a recognizable and renewed design and all Omaggio Nuovo's shapes and colors are created to fit together. The vase is made of faience in a dusty pink vase with iconic hand-painted wide and narrow stripes. It comes with beautiful wide stripes in dusty pink and the narrow stripes in brown. The colours add warmth and simplicity to the vase. The decorative expression of the vase has an amazing radiance and gives ceramic "feel-good" feeling to the modern living. The functionality and craftsmanship are very important , and each stripe is hand painted on. Design by Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft.


Hand painted ceramics


Dark Blue

Dusty Rose

Height: 20.5 cm