Aurélien Barbry

An industrial and interior designer, Aurélien Barbry began his career working with architect Jean Nouvel and since then he has worked on many different interior and design projects for the likes of Cor and vipp among others. Today he is based in Copenhagen and his clients include Georg Jensen, Roland Garros, Issey Miyake and Normann Copenhagen. He believes design is, "an exercise where you take the simplest things in your daily life and ask yourself how they could be done differently. I want to move objects towards simplicity and obviousness of the form so it becomes dialogue with the end use." Barbry's first product for Le Klint was La Cloche, a bell-shaped lamp. In 2014, he designed Caché, which in French means hidden. This is beautifully symbolised by the almost hidden hand-folded lampshade that has been elegantly integrated to reveal the unique DNA of a classic Le Klint lamp. His latest lamp design is Facet where he focused on finding an iconic yet simple shape that would work for indoor and outdoor use.