Louise Roe Copenhagen

Brilliant Bon Bonnieres

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The cool cut of the Brilliant Bon Bonnieres Paris & Pearl - use them as a couple or mix and match with other colors or styles from the Louise Roe collection. 

LOUISE ROE is a Copenhagen based interior design brand, established in 2010. Each object is personally sketched by Louise Roe and thrives on aesthetics and high quality craftsmanship. The collection is sophisticated yet simple, and has a modern avant-garde style. Carefully chosen organic materials, combined with specially selected tones, brings out both sculptural and architectural values.

Every single piece is made by hand and you will, therefore, notice that each piece has its own weight and thickness – we think this is the charm of a handmade craft. The classic crystal series is made of the original crystal glass recipe meeting EU regulations and FDA lead levels.

Mouth blown glass

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