A chat with Anour

2 Oct 2017
Designer Bio

Arash Nourinejad attended the school of architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts before developing his own lighting company, Anour, in 2007 where he combines traditional Danish materials, methods and values with technology to create unique lamps.

What triggered your decision to work in design?

I’m fascinated with design, architecture, graphics, photography and the arts. There are so many talented designers, it’s difficult for me to limit the people that I draw inspiration from to a few. Inspiration for me is not limited to the form but rather a more holistic aspect of a design. Imagine the many layers of a product, ranging from form, usability, sustainability, production, branding, sales…. the list goes on. And then consider that every facet has its own magnitude. It’s immense. Great design is a reflection of its surroundings, and should interpret and adapt to the needs of society, just like a good government. But that’s another story.

What was the first piece you created and how did you feel about it?

I used to make furniture for our home. By coincidence I came up with the idea of using leftover wood from a bed I had made, to make a LED lamp. When I finally installed the lamp above the headboard of my bed, I was struck by the potential of the idea. The subtle expression and simplicity of the lamp was striking. I continued developing the idea, making more versions, refining the design over the course of a year or so. Eventually I decided to try my luck showcasing my design at a local furniture fair.

What motivates you?

I feel a great responsibility as a manufacturer. I do not want to create more unnecessary products. The world is being killed by our desire for more. Paradoxically I feel compelled to create and invent new things so, in order to justify my work, I have decided to only make design that will last the test of time because sustainability for me is a matter of quality: To minimise your possessions, by only surrounding oneself with the absolute best design in terms of function and shape.

Favourite piece of design by another designer – furniture, art, sculpture, object?

Extrasoft Sofa, Design Piero Lissoni for Living Divani.























What design item would you invest in and why?

Artwork by Farshad Farzankia or a chair by Overgaard & Dyrman








































Favourite piece of your own design?

The T model in polished brass.









Is there anything in your career you wish you’d done differently?

I wish I had started ANOUR earlier but then again perhaps some struggles are meant to shape your life and lead you on your path. There’s no short way to success.

Please share a career highlight.

During the first fair that I was attending, I was overwhelmed by the positive reaction I received from the audience. That fuelled my confidence and encouraged me to pursue the idea. I resigned from my dead-end job and took my chances with Anour. Anour derives from my name. Before my graduation from KADK, I bought the domain anour.dk, mainly to showcase my portfolio. When the lighting business took off, it made good sense to continue using it as my company name as nour means light in Farsi. Maybe it was my destiny all along to design luminaires?

Future plans

I think that Anour will essentially keep growing as a lighting company. My goal is to maintain a high standard of quality with all future products and keep pushing our design towards innovation with good craftsmanship in mind.